Patronato Board Members

So many in our community and around the country are committed to the restoration, maintenance and preservation of Mission San Xavier del Bac, including those who have served on Patronato’s Board of Directors. The nonprofit organization was founded in 1978, and with the guidance and support of Board members, combined with generous gifts from other individuals and organizations, Patronato has raised nearly $11 million dollars to date (3/15) for our “Arizona jewel” and national treasure.

The current board members are highlighted below, along with members of our Founders Circle and our Associate members.

Board Members

Barbara Peck, President

Michael Urman, Vice President

Rick Buchanan, Secretary

Fred Frelinghuysen, Treasurer

Rev. Gregory Adolf
Charles Albanese
Kristin Almquist
David Barber
Laura Brown
David Carter
Dawn Cole
Martin DeSoto
James Griffith
Kathy Hard
Jennifer Harris
Bill Nugent
Nancy Odegaard
Mary Okoye
Clague Van Slyke III
Jeff Willis
David Yetman


Founders Circle

Dianne Bret Harte
Natalie Davis
Lorraine Drachman
Ann Fallon*
Bernard Fontana*, Secretary Emeritus
Alex Garcia
James Gresham*
Patricia Pettis
John Schaefer
Clague Van Slyke II*

Associate Members

Stephen Auslander
Elizabeth Firkins
Dianne Bret Harte
Jackie Ludwig
Darryl Dobras
Patty Doerr
Lorraine Drachman
James Pyers
Gerald Swanson



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Header photo by UGArdener/Flickr